Quote the other day by a “health expert”

“Coke Zero is bad for you

Coke Zero contains an ingredient called aspartame

and when aspartame breaks up in your microbiome, it creates methanol

I hate to say it but regular coke is better for you”

That right there is utter wanky hairy bollocks.

Aspartame? Sounds horrendous on paper

but one glass of tomato juice has 6 TIMES more aspartame than a coke zero.

Methanol? Sounds awful and scary on paper

but one egg has 34 TIMES more methanol than a coke zero.

So should be avoid tomato juice and eggs as well?


Coke zero hasn’t got tons of nutritional benefits, but it’s better than regular coke especially for people losing weight

because people that enjoy a coke but don’t want to waste 140 calories, can have a coke zero and not waste any calories and still get the enjoyment of a frizzy drink.

But here’s my closing point…

Nothing is inherently bad for you,

just somethings have more nutritional benefits than others.

But for weight loss,

the danger is not in the PRODUCT

the danger is in the DOSAGE.

Manage the dosage, not take away the product.

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Hope this helps,