Name : Method : Principle

KETO : Cut Carbs : Reducing calories

1.1 CAMBRIDGE : Sells Own Meals & Snacks Plan : Reducing Calories

Slimming World : Syns : Reducing Calories

Herbalife: Meal Replacement Shakes : Reducing calories

Weight Watchers : Points System : Reducing Calories

5:2 Diet : 2 Days Of No Eating : Reducing Calories

Intermittent Fasting : Reducing Window Of Eating : Reducing Calories

You see the trend?

What the “WORLD FAMOUS” DIETS do is SELL you the method…

they don’t teach you the principle. They dress it up and keep you at arms length away from the truth

so they keep you clueless, and you keep buying their shit.

I’m here with many other trainers fighting to help people see through the BULLSHIT

More sensible approach I hear you ask?

Download “FoodNoms” on your phone, track everything you eat for a week.

I guarantee that will be a big eye opener and a massive education lesson for you.

Then get yourself a sensible calorie target here:

Have a great day ✌️