There’s 4 reasons you’re probably not losing weight…

I say “probably” because after working with so many clients, these are biggest ones that come up over and over again…

Good news tho

They’re all super easy to fix and get you back on track.

Chances are, 

you’re struggling with AT LEAST one of them…

But more than likely, two, three or even all four of them.

Reason #1:
Focusing on carbs instead of calories.

Fact: Your calorie intake is the main driver of weight loss regardless of your carb intake.

It’s been the “Go-To” option whenever people wanna lose weight, 

but let’s be honest. It’s a dog shit way to do it. 

And while it can help you lose weight, it’s only because eating low carb usually translates into eating fewer calories.

The problem with thinking you have to limit or eliminate carbs for weight loss is that it adds a lot of unnecessary stress to your life.

Carbs are in most of the foods we eat.

If you try to reduce or cut them out them, you’ll have to make many changes to your regular diet.

And that’s where the stress comes in.

My clients do much better when they simply focus on their calorie intake. 

From there, we aim to get enough protein to help you recover from sessions and keep you fuller for longer. 

Doing this will set your nutrition up perfectly for weight loss.

And the best part is you’ll avoid developing a bad relationship with food

As long as it’s within your calorie goals, you can eat the foods you actually want to eat.

Reason #2:
Prioritising cardio over strength training.

There’s nothing wrong with cardio.

But when it comes to getting the most fat loss “bang” for your exercise “buck,” strength training is the way to go.

Like cardio, strength training burns calories (not loads but it does burn calories)

But it also helps you build and maintain muscle.

This means that most or ALL of the weight you lose comes from body fat.

If you want to get lean and toned, strength training is the way to go.

Reason #3:
Focusing on motivation over momentum

Motivation is great to have, but it’s not around very often. 

So focus on building momentum instead.

You’ll build momentum by taking small actions that build confidence and prove that you can take action despite motivation.

Reason #4:
Comparing yourself to others

Look, we all do it.

I do it, everyone does it at some point. 

I know that.

But comparing your progress with anyone other than yourself is one of the worst things you can do.

It will only end in disappointment.

You can look to others for inspiration, but the only fair comparison you can make is with yourself.

Fix these, and you’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make.

And remember:

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