Short answer yes.

But let me go into some detail on what PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) actually affects and why it makes it difficult

Above you see how your body burns calories everyday

70% BMR = This is your body functioning, breathing just being awake.

15% NEAT = This is your daily activity (STEPS)

10% TEF = This is from consuming more protein

5% EAT = Your planned workouts (Spin, Circuit, Weight training etc)

Now, let’s focus on your BMR. People without PCOS would burn 70% of their daily calories through this everyday


ladies with PCOS, this isn’t the case.

PCOS drops the BMR between 14%-40% (this depends on how bad you’ve got it. Which you can only tell with time, I’ll explain a little later)

So, PCOS can make weight loss even more difficult but you can still lose weight, it just requires more dedication and have the right information on what you should be doing.

That’s why I’m here writing this for you.

What do you do to lose weight with PCOS?

Dr’s are useless when it comes to PCOS, because you ask how to better it and they say “lose weight” but you have no knowledge behind that. They might chuck your on the 5:2 diet or send you to Slimming World, 1:1 Cambridge

but ultimately teaches you f**k all to deal with PCOS

But I’m here to give you that knowledge…

So here’s what you need to do…

  1. Get yourself in a sensible deficit to start off with – use my calculator here: CLICK HERE

2. Track every calorie for 2 weeks, be religious to it.

3. Weigh yourself after them 2 weeks to see if you’ve lost weight. (make sure you weigh yourself as soon as you wake up, before eating or drinking anything and after you’ve gone to the toilet)

4. If you have lost weight, great stuff! keep at them calories I’ve set. You’ve lost weight (even if it’s 1lb) 1lb is 1lb! 1lb better off than you was before.

5. If you haven’t lost weight here’s what to do – your current calorie target you’re going to minus 100 to 150 calories off of that. (For example if you was on 1,600 calories, you’re going to take it down to 1,450 to 1,500)

Then repeat the cycle from step 2.

You have to be patience, accept it will take you longer but the process is more important than the results. Trust me.

Other side notes: I know ladies that have to diet under 1,000 calories with PCOS, which is tough. But doing my process will help you see how you can lose weight with the most amount of calories.

Other things to start adapting to help weight loss…

  1. Get more steps in per day. Start increasing. Don’t jump too quick but build up from where you’re currently at e.g. if your average is 6,000 steps, aim for the whole of the next 7 days to get 7,000 steps per day. Build up from there.
  2. Start enjoying weight/resistance training. It’s got tons of benefits but don’t think your workouts are to burn calories NO NO NO! Just use workouts to get you fitter, stronger and give you mental freedom. To lose weight, think calories and managing them.

I hope this has been an eye opener for you. If you need anymore help, please feel free to email me on [email protected]

Thank you for reading,

Ali Griggs