Let me kick this off with… why are looking for a miracle pill? to get you out of the rut that you put yourself in?

No tablet burns fat, they burn calories… let’s look into a recent study on fat burners.

A study showed a “fat burner” increase your metabolism by 8%

So the average women metabolism burns around 1,500 (subjective to the person) this would mean an 8% increase to 1620 calories? yeah?

with me?


These “fat burners” only increase your metabolic burn for 2-3 hours at a time, so you then it would mean you’d need to take 8-12 pills per day to get your extra 120 cals.

That’s not advice or a recommendation by the way

So the big question… how many calories is your fat burner ACTUALLY burning?

15 calories…

Hardly worth it right?

At the risk of a criminal record (they are illegal), death, heart attack, and as shitty 15 calories extra burnt, is it worth the risk and money?

That’s a no, just in case anyone thought differently.

There is no hacks.

Fat burners didn’t put you in the position you’re in right now. You’re a walking, talking, representation of your daily habits, if you’re holding too much fat…

  1. you need to track every calories for a 4-6 week period (to become aware of how many calories you’re consuming on a daily basis)
  2. move more (up your daily steps)

Do them 2 things consistently and the fat will go!

Don’t think pills will solve your problems, because they won’t.

Ali Griggs