This is a very controversial topic

but I f*cking love it.

I personally think it’s a good start in the right direction to conquer obesity

But Ali what about people that have eating disorders

Yeah it’s tough for them but they’re the minority in this debate.

Less than 1% of the country have an eating disorder but over 67% of the UK are in the obese category…

I think that speaks for itself.

But let me explain my 2 points on WHY I think calories are good on menu’s

  1. People can now be aware of how many calories are in meals. It’s all good thinking you’re having a “healthy meal” but “healthy” doesn’t always mean low in calories. Chicken Katsu from Wagamamas, people think “it’s rice and chicken can’t be that high in calories”… bang 1,300 calories! Crazy amount. People need to see these numbers to understand where they’re going wrong.

2. You go into any shop, supermarket and they have a price on each product or item right? You don’t complain at that because you need to know whether you can afford it. Same with calories on menu’s, our bodies have certain budgets and we need to see if that meal can fit in with our budgets and if it’s too much we go for a better choice.

2 very solid points, well I think so anyhoo.

I do also feel it’s riled overweight people because it calls them out on their bullshit.

“My body just doesn’t lose weight”

“My metabolism is broken”

“I was born big boned”

No, you’re over consuming calories.

I had one woman that contested with me on why it’s bad, she said

“Seeing the calories on menu’s makes me not want to eat what I want to eat”

And that’s the point. It makes you challenge yourself to think if you really want that meal, is it worth eating that amount of calories.

You are now aware of how much is in certain meals and you can still enjoy meals out but pick better options!

At the end of the day

you’ll never please everybody but I think it’s a good step in the right direction.

I hope this has helped