So I got a question from Kerry via email the last week:

Does it matter when you eat certain
carbs? Please help my little brain

Decent question, by the way.

You see, there’s SO much information out there it’s almost impossible to know what to do when it comes to “dieting”,


– No carbs in the evening
– Fasting until 12pm
– Fat is bad
– Carbs are bad
– Eat more food
– Eat less food

^^ These are just a few bits of “advice”

I’ve seen in the past week and unfortunately some of it is complete and utter…

BULLSHIT <- Yup, I don’t mince my words 

(get it Mince… mince pie… xmas… no?)

forget it. 

But how are you supposed to know what’s “right” and what’s not?

‘cos I get it,


In fact, I used to be in the same boat

I’d read one piece of advice and do that for a week then I’d read a magazine and it would say the EXACT opposite thing and I’d put my head in my hands and despair, thinking “now what?”

It’s CONFUSING as hell!

So, how did I learn what works and what was a TOTAL waste of time?

(almost ALL of it was a total waste of time, by the way!)

Well, everything I read

I put into practice

I became Ali the lab rat

I’d try each approach for a few months and my first ever client too tried them with me **Shoutout Maria:

– Low carb
– Low fat
– Just eating “healthy”
– Counting calories
– No carbs in the mornings
– Fasting
– Paleo
– Clean eating

– Eating high protein

^^ me and Maria “experimented” with ’em all!

and what did I learn?

HUNDREDS of things didn’t work at all

But, a few things WORKED like a charm

They cut through the fat and thighs like a sculptor carving a statue

But I didn’t just leave it at that

If it worked I then pass it onto our free clients

(Over hundreds in the past few years – I don’t “do” free any more though unless you count these emails as you get all the good stuff)

To PROVE that it wasn’t just a fluke for me or Maria (everyone’s different, after all)

^^ Sounds pretty long-winded and boring,


But you know what?

You don’t HAVE to painstakingly experiment for years (like me and Maria did)

You don’t HAVE to keep wasting time

trying each new fad or “diet trick”

It doesn’t HAVE to be that way

You can CHOOSE to skip the long, slow and “boring” 5+ year learning curve and instead you can INVEST in something that’s PROVEN to work with over 300 men and women just like you

Want to end to the confusion and the frustration?

Want to end the years of your weight yo-yoing up and down on the scales?

and instead start melting that fat week-on-week so that you can’t wait to strip off your clothes and “flaunt it” in the bedroom

^^ Want all that?

Then I have exciting news

I have 2 spaces left for my New Year 6 Week Challenge (you can train in December for FREE fyi)

reply with “6Weeks” and I’ll send you all the details you need

Get your ass on board!


You can choose to stay where you are

Jumping from diet-to-diet weight yo-yoing up and down frustrated and going nowhere

lost in the New Year, like a rabbit in headlights

If that’s you and you want to continue struggling “ridin’ solo”

then I’m afraid I can’t help you

Ali ‘Lab Rat’ Griggs