What does skinny fat mean? 

Skinny fat, is where you had fat and just lost the weight via a lot of cardio and in a calories deficit (through whatever method you tried)

and that you have no muscle. 

So how do we fix that? 

Step 1: Bring your calories up to maintenance or even slightly over to surplus 

for example, your calories burns a certain amount per day 

like mine burns around 2,100 calories per day 

now if I eat 2,100 calories per day my body weight will stay the same. 

Surplus is eating over that amount (what people do to gain fat, over eat the amount their body burns)

The reason to do this is because we want as much energy as we can to put more into our training and not lose any more weight 

Step 2: Eat more protein 

Protein helps muscle recovery and also build muscle 

which is what we are looking to achieve as we get away from that skinny fat look 

protein will be your new best friend 

awhhhh friends 👍 protein friennndsss 👍

Step 3: Get fking stronger 

Train with weight at least 3 times per week, 

this will help increase muscle mass. 

Also making sure you’re looking to progress every 1 to 2 weeks.

How do I progress?” 

Good question Sandra 

3 top ways of progression… 

  1. Range of motion increases. For example, if I got you to squat onto a chair and back up for 10 reps, you then after 2 weeks find that 10 easier, a way to progress is getting you to squat onto a bench or something that is lower than that chair (which means you go lower, so you’ve increase range of motion)
  2. Increase reps or sets. If I got you on week 1 to squat with a 5kg dumbbell in front of you for 2 sets 10 reps, after 2 weeks that feels easier. So then I can increase to either 3 sets of 10 reps or 2 sets of 15 reps. (so we’re increase more work load)
  3. Increase weight. If I got you to squat for 10 reps with a 10kg kettlebell. Week 1, that’s tough, but week 3, it’s a lot easier. I’d up the weight to 12kg or 14kg kettlebell.

That’s 3 ways you progress 

one or 3 things you can do with this article,

  1. Read and forget
  2. Read, take notes and put it into action

or 3…

put an enquiry form through to me on the website and ask for my help and we can have a little video call and see how I can help you.