“Cheat days” sounds fantastic right? A whole day to eat WHATEVER you want? Basically calories don’t count for the day… right?

So for the people that may not know what a “cheat day” is…

It’s basically when people are strict with their diet from Monday to Saturday and then Sunday is basically an all you can eat day of just burgers, pizzas, sweets, chocolates etc.

Yes it sounds banging, however is a great concept to take when it comes to dieting?

What’s the problem with cheat meals?

To start off with, psychologically speaking it hasn’t got a great name. If we refer to “cheat” or “cheating” outside of food, we think cheating on our partner/wife/husband or “cheating” in a test, exam.

Which are all “bad” thing.

So already we’re putting a bad label on what is happening on that day. Which mindset wise isn’t helping a long term approach.

Also, it’s putting a label that some foods are “bad”

which isn’t the case. No food is inherently bad for you, the danger is not in the product, it’s in the dosage.

Why do people have cheat days?

It’s very old school bodybuilding era.

But essentially people would put themselves through such a strict diet, low in calories, only eating plain chicken, rice and broccoli and they’d give themselves one day to be a normal human being and enjoy tasty food.

Would I recommend doing cheat days?

In short no.

You can have a burger and a chocolate bar everyday and still be fit, lose weight and get stronger.

The more you restrict yourself from consuming the foods you love, it’ll only go one way. You won’t be able to sustain it.

A normal human being, likes to consume tasty food regularly. Don’t feel bad for it.

If you’re looking to lose weight – workout your calorie budget for your body You can work out yourself via my free calorie calculator here: https://bit.ly/AGFCalorieCalculator

Track your calories and stay within budget, consume any foods that fit in that budget and you’ll lose weight.

To get fitter and stronger – keep these in your diet. Don’t become a boring narcissist, because you won’t enjoy the process and it’ll create a very unhealthy relationship towards food.