Quick “Framework” For Easier Weight Loss

This is especially helpful for people who:

 > Struggle to stay consistent with their diets

 > Tend to over-eat on weekends

 > Have a tough time balancing “social” life with making progress

Sound familiar?

If so, then there’s a simple framework I like to use to help here…

I call it Social Cycling. (just made the name up but sounds sexy)

I’ve been testing this with my online clients/6 weekers – more on that below – and it’s been working out SUPER well.

I’m talking results like this:

  • Meghan lost 6 lbs
  • Lou lost 14 lbs and 5.5 inches
  • Danny lost 7 lbs
  • Jayde lost 2.5 lbs & 3 inches


Here’s the logistic of it:
Eat in a calorie deficit 5 days a week.

I recommend a 30% deficit, which puts you in a great place for the week while leaving a little room to eat more calories a couple days of the week.

Eat at maintenance 2 days a week.

These maintenance days are great to use when you eat out (i.e. weekend days), or want to have drinks, food, etc, like when you have social events.

Sounds simple, right?

It is.

(One part of it, at least.)

But here’s why this works so well:

Structure your week in this way 

and you’ll stay on track while having ‘higher calorie’ days that feel like a diet break

but average out to a solid rate of weight loss all said and done.

That being said

I’m bringing a small group of people through my proven strategies for sustainable weight loss, and helping you lose up to 14 lbs in just 6 weeks.

Some people will lose more…

Some will lose less…

(Depends on several factors like where you’re starting from and what you put into this…)

But if you follow this challenge and apply yourself, you can’t NOT get results by the end of this challenge.

If you want more details, book a call with myself here: https://bit.ly/TheBlueprintCall