A: None. 0. Nout.
Imagine it like this
Level 1: You have your bone
Level 2: You have muscle
Level 3 (top layer) You have fat
When people who want to lose fat, do exercises to burn fat but don’t control their calories
All they are doing is making Level 2 (muscle) bigger and stronger
Level 3 will still be there, laying over the top of it.
That’s not saying exercise is bad or a waste of your time.
it’s just making sure you know what is doing what, so you’re not fooling yourself.
Misconception: Exercises makes me lose fat.
Correct answer: Exercises make me fitter, stronger and build muscle.
To lose fat: I need to be consuming less calories than my body is burning per day. (Calorie deficit)
Anyone telling you certain exercises burn fat, haven’t got a clue what they’re on about.
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