Very common question 

especially from ladies. 

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one worrying about it (if you are)

So why does it happen and why is it difficult to lose? 

It’s from evolution, it’s there to protect you 

“From what exactly?”

your organs (uterus, womb etc)

That pouch is mainly common in women due to pregnancy. It’s there to help ladies fall pregnant and survive pregnancy, 

if women are lacking in body fat it’s A LOT harder to fall pregnant, 

so your body stores fat in that area to help reproduce. 

When women aim for a six pack or to get rid of the pouch, end up dieting to extremely low calories which 9 times out of 10 end up with amenorrhea (loss of periods)

Which then causes you not to get pregnant

 (if you wished too obvs or your mans pull out game is shit)

How do I lose “the pouch”?

Now, you can lose it by being in a very low calorie deficit for a long period of time.

The pouch would be the last place it’d come off 


here’s something to make you think differently towards losing the pouch… 

you need to think to yourself to go to a extreme deficit to acheive a “flatter stomach” is it really worth it and doable? 

If you’re a busy mum, working long hours and have weekly commitments… would it be wise to do so? 

It would mean 

sacrificing most of the life you enjoy currently, your mood will drop, energy levels will deplete 

sleep will be a struggle and social life will be out the window. 

You may want to take this into consideration and to be grateful for why it’s there instead of hating it and letting you get you down. 

I understand it can feel like you’re the only one 

especially if you’re comparing yourself to these insta fuckwits with shredded abs and flat stomachs

Them ones you’re comparing yourself too are the 5% of the pop

the people you see on insta have either edited there photos, dieted to extreme levels that it’s fucked everything else for themselves or they’re genetically gifted <<< and they won’t stop going on about it 

It can feel that you need to fit into the “social media norm” 


I promise you, it’s very normal and healthy to hold body fat on your lower stomach. Don’t stress, you’re smashing it.