5 important things you need to know about weight loss to make the journey a little easier for you 

1) It’s going to take way longer than you want it too 

So chill, focus on enjoying the journey, learn the art of patience and time. 

2) It’s going to be more difficult than you want it to be

You’re going to have to be disciplined, 

you’re going to have to put in the effort,

to do the things you need day after day

3) You’re not going to be perfect 

Humans are the least perfect people 

you’re going to run into multiple different obstacles along the way 

them obstacles you need to learn and grow from 

4) There are going to be times in which you feel like you’re not making an progress 

but you have to realise, that’s a part of the journey and you can’t stop because it’s not going your way. 

Like if you tell a child they can’t have everything, they moan, cry, stomp off 

because they carry on with life. Same with you. 

Don’t stomp off like a child if it’s not going your way. Carry the fuck on. 

5) The only way you’ll fail is if you quit.

No progress, tired, annoyed, frustrated with the procress

yesss that’s normal. 

but if you quit, that’s not going to help at all. 

As long as you keep trying, and keep following the plan 

you will make progress.

If you haven’t got a plan? 

I do. 

Reply with “plan” and let’s have a chat


P.S: The photos are of my clients Karen, who is a busy mum who looks after her dad who has Alzheimer’s. She’s busy, very busy but it was either feel horrible about herself or do something about it before it’s too late.