It’s so easy fall into the trap of…

start fitness pursuit, do it for a couple of weeks, look at the scales, nothing has happened

then you think nothing is working, then you throw in the towel.

Sound familiar?

Weight loss on the scales is perceived as the “be all or end all” but I’m here to change your mind

NO ONE CARES about your relationship with your gravitation pull towards the ground (that’s all your weight is)

I know tons of clients, friends and even myself that have felt THE BEST in ourselves

and we weighed heavier than we’d like too.

Being in shape doesn’t mean you need to be light on the scales, and it doesn’t need to be the LEAD DICTATOR to show if you’re doing well or not.

Here’s 10 other signs of progress to manage to see if you’re doing well…

  1. Maintaining weight
  2. Losing inches
  3. More energy
  4. Getting stronger
  5. Physical changes
  6. Activity is easier
  7. Diet consistency
  8. Exercise consistency
  9. Clothes fitting better
  10. More confidence

Stop tracking one way of measurement, there’s more to it than just the scales

the only time you should worry about what the scales are saying is if you’re competing in a weight class competition or you’re doing a sky dive…

if you’re not doing any of the above…

focus on the other 10 list above 🙂

Hope this helps,