Typically people think weight loss is one straight line from A straight to B.

Or they know it’ll have it’s difficult times but don’t realise how tough it can get.

Ali you’re not selling it

I paid a marketer to help me with my business at one point, I did a video on social kinda like this, unattractive truth telling about weight loss

and he goes (we’ll call him Tim, because that’s his name)

you can’t say that if you want to sell loads, it’s not attractive, they want to hear what they want to hear

me: “But that’s lying, I’m selling them a lie

Tim: “yeah but they don’t know that, you need people through the door

So I told him to f*cking do one, I want people to trust me for being truthful, even if it hurts.

I’m truth telling, no bullshit. It can put people off but it can also motivated people, but 95% of my clients get results

no gimmicks, no sh*t shakes or bullsh*t just pure coaching, hard work and consistency.

But let me show you what REAL WEIGHT LOSS looks like…

Now, this is what many people BELIEVE weight loss will look like on a scale

Just one straight downward line…

unfortunately not the case.

Now, this is from a client called Samantha. This is over a 5 month period…

This is REAL LIFE weight loss, from a busy mum of 2, who works, who enjoys takeaways, wine and having a good time.

It’s not pretty,

but f*ck me, it’s feels so much better once you stick to what I coach you on and develop new habits which will stick with you for a life time

rather than dropping them quicker than Matt Hancocks pants behind his closed work doors. oi oi

Look some of you want to be sold a dream, that’s cool. You’re not my type of people

but if you enjoyed this and you know you need truth telling and a f*ck ton of accountability

I can help you.

So people who want sold a dream… f*ck off

People who want to get lifetime results, want accountability, REAL guidance and to have fun

click the link below a book a call with me and let’s get a plan together to see how I can help you.

Video call as well because I like getting personal: https://bit.ly/6WeeksConsultation

Any questions, fire me a email at [email protected]

Ali ✌️