So there’ll be questions flying through your head on what you should and shouldn’t be doing for working out, exercises, nutrition etc 

over the next coming days, 

I’m about to make that easier for you. 

You’re so welcome.

So first up today, what you should eat before and after your workout? 


this is subjective from person to person. I’m not a massive fan of eating before a workout, I don’t mind having a smoothie, because it’s light, got sugars and ticks me over 

but nothing heavy. 

However if you like to eat, here’s some golden rules

-Eat at least 2 hours prior to the session 

-Make sure it’s not over 400 calories 

-Focus on sugars and carbs (which help performance )

-Have some caffeine if you fancy it

Ultimately play around and see what works for you and that you don’t puke it back up.

After workout: 

First half hour, aim to get some quick protein

after a workout your muscle protein synthesis is at it’s highest (basically you get the most out of protein after a workout)

so get some high protein in. 

Then eat some carbs, sugars to help you recover

get plenty of water on board as well. At least 1.5L, if it’s an evening workout 500ml to 1 litre.

There’s some guidance lines, hope this helps 

have a play, 

if you haven’t got a f*cking scooby on how to train, guidance to nutrition to help you get in shape for good (not just for 4 weeks)

and you need good accountability to keep you on track

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