Even before the hype of sea dipping  

I was cold dipping. 

It became “fashionable” in lockdown 2020 

my first dip was 2018

 fcukkkk a duck.

That’s long ago

lately been struggling to get myself in the sea, last couple of weeks 
I must of done it… 
3 times in 3 weeks.. 
Poor effort. 
I realise how shocking I’ve been and I decided this week I’d go everyday 
in which I have but 
I thought I’d be back into the swing of it now 
and it’s safe to say. 
I’m not. Today I really had a fight with myself to get in the sea 
but what I did to get in? 
Turn up to the beach, in my budgies 
and as my head was telling me no, I was getting my clothes off
and I just forced myself in the sea.
Today was the worse day by far, but it will also shape me 
because I’ll tell myself even on a day when I was literally forcing myself out of bed to do it
And I did. 
So it’s the same with you and getting start on your fitness journey 
you will need to fucking force yourself out the door, 
you will not be willing to do it, 
but the days when you force yourself out the door is building better habits, routines and mentality for the future you, 
the you, you want to be.
The days that are grim, you’re going to appreciate them days you feel motivated. 
But challenge yourself, 
when you don’t want to go to the free trial week at AGF 
or go out for a run, 
or whatever
force yourself.
It doesn’t need to be perfect, even if you give whatever you do 20% effort. You’ve just been that fucking stupid mindset of “no I can’t be bothered”
you’ve got so much to give 
FREE 7 days with me is here with your name on it, all you need to do is force yourself to reply and let’s go from there…
Force yourself